Stonewall Quarry Park Interpretive Centre
Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

The Quarry Park Interpretive Centre provides visitors with the opportunity to discover more about an industry that has been very important to the Town of Stonewall... the limestone quarry.

The Interpretive Centre Galleries include The Ordovician Sea, Manitoba Rocks, An Industry Town and Its People, The Quarries, Uses of Limestone, and A Story Told.


Scope: Graphic Design for exhibit panels and murals. Illustration for interpretive graphics  and painted floor creatures.

Client: S.Dangerfield Interpretive Planning
Town of Stonewall

Red Rock Marina Interpretive Centre, Township of Red Rock, Ontario

Project Description

Red Rock, built as a mill town, has seen many changes as it transitions from a mill town to a destination for amazing scenery and outdoor activities on the shores of the largest freshwater protected area in the world.


Scope: Graphic design and illustrations for signs,  interpretive panels and pirate map (Interactive Floor Projection).

Client: S.Dangerfield Interpretive Planning
Township of Red Rock


Grand Marais Community Central

Heritage Wing Exhibits

Project Description

The Heritage Room will provide residents and visitors with a greater appreciation for the environment around them and the roots of the community.

Graphic design for Heritage Wing Exhibit panels

S.Dangerfield Interpretive Planning,
St. Clements & Grand Marais Heritage Committees

Selkirk Heritage Advisory Committee

Project Description
Interpretive signs for the Selkirk Waterfront.


Graphic design and illustrations
for interpretive panels.


S.Dangerfield Interpretive Planning


Duff Roblin Parkway Trail - Winnipeg Manitoba


Duff Roblin Parkway Trail is a multi-year landscaping and recreational development strategy for the expanded floodway.

The trail supports multi-use, non-motorized, four-season recreational opportunities along the floodway including walking, hiking, and biking in the summer and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter.

Along the way, users will follow the floodway channel and will have an opportunity to see wildlife and vegetation along with agricultural land.


Scope: Graphic Design for interpretive signs and kilometer markers

Client: S.Dangerfield Interpretive Planning / Government of Manitoba